At an early age I became aware that there was something more to life. I remember as a small child looking up into the sky and wondering what it was all about. Later in my teens I had conversations with friends about energy, life and so on. Questioning what made my arm move when it did. It’s not by pulleys and ropes that we lift our arm, but by intention. And I also saw that the brain is a mechanism and not a consciousness. Anyway, this is how my thoughts sometimes wandered as I moved through life.

Scroll forward to 2000 when I stumbled across healing by chance (or maybe by design as I was being guided by higher beings even then). Following a back injury, ironically given to me by a chiropractor, I was unable to work and sought treatments from an acupuncturist. Long story short she was a very spiritual lady and introduced me to a natural psychic clairvoyant Reiki master. From her I learned Reiki and she became a kind of spiritual mentor and guide for a while. Through her I met a psychic artist and a few other interesting people that have guided me to see things that at the time I couldn’t.

I was told several things during psychic readings that I found difficult at the time to take on board. I was told in 2001 that in ten years time I’d be the holder of an energy and would be a teacher. I was also told that in a past life I was working with the being that is Merlin (not the one of legend but the Divine being that is Merlin).

Anyway, I just carried on with life but later that year discovered a healing art that works with Merlin. I signed up for a course and the teacher could ‘see’ that I already had the energetically formed healing device to access and channel that particular energy. The device had been carried over in my system from that previous life, if a bit rusty. I continued taking those classes for 8 or 9 years, my system evolved energetically and I had many wonderful, often mystical experiences. That period was a big step forward in my spiritual development.

Scroll forward again to 2009. During a break while on the latest class I was standing by the sea at Virginia Beach and suddenly I just ‘knew’ this was the end of this particular part of my journey. It’s not something I’d mulled over or considered before, the thought just suddenly arrived in my consciousness.

Two days after returning to the UK I was giving a healing to a friend and during the session things got turned around. I felt something land in my Heart chakra. It was palpable, as if someone or something had physically tapped my Heart.

That afternoon I went to visit a psychic artist friend and she saw ‘it’ immediately she opened the door. During the reading she told me that I could teach ‘it’ to others. I came away having no idea that this was the start of my journey of actually being the holder and teacher of what has now evolved into M Healing. By the way, ‘it’ turned out to be the first part of the Crystal, the Octahedron, that is the focal point in the Heart for accessing and channeling the energy. This is what students also receive during my classes which then evolves each time as they go through the M levels.

Shortly after the reading I was in a meditation and found myself experiencing the sensation of what felt like going up in an elevator. When it stopped I found myself in conversation with Merlin. It wasn’t so much a conversation as him giving me instructions, in some detail, for what he wanted to do. Some days later I was driving my car and realised that I hadn’t actually accepted the job. I pulled the car over, tuned in and told him I accepted the job.

Feeling quite pleased with myself for some time afterwards, still not knowing how this was going to work out, I came to the conclusion that I was deluded ?

Following that conclusion I sought out my former spiritual mentor, the one who’d seen back in 2001 that in ten years I’d hold an energy and be a teacher, and asked her if we could meet up for coffee and a chat. She agreed, we met, and I told her what had been happening. “Tell me I’m deluded” I said afterwards. But she didn’t, she said that now is the time. She then got the information while talking, that I need a symbol. I pulled a scrap piece of paper from my pocket, borrowed a pen from the barista, and then without thinking drew a rough picture of an ‘M’ with a circle around it. That has evolved into what is now the M symbol.

In 2011 I gave my first ‘M1 Pure Heart’ course and since then things have evolved rapidly through to ‘M6 Zero’ level in 2016. It’s been an amazing journey until now.

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