What can Merlin Healing® be used for?

It’s impossible to list everything that can be helped. We are all totally unique and individual people and so no two of us are the same. We may have similar issues and problems but how they came about can be through very different circumstances. We live in a world where we want to label every condition, every issue, illness and so on, and because of that it’s expected that we have to fit in with those labels to enable us to know what’s really wrong. By labeling our self as having a particular condition we actually then can become that condition, making it a part of our identity. By reducing everything down to certain labels it’s a bit like reducing a dictionary down to a few hundred words and then trying to describe everything in detail with just the words we’ve been reduced down to.

But to give you an idea of how things can be influenced even from ‘M1 Pure Heart’ level (the higher the M level of training of the practitioner the more can be reached much more effectively and in a shorter time) you can work with the energy to remove mental blocks, confusion, overwhelm, open clean and empower the chakras, hormone balancing, and work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues including depression and anxiety. Many illnesses are caused by the mind even though they impact on a physical level. The underlying ’causes’ of illness are far deeper than the illness itself. If we only treat the symptoms the cause will still be there. However, I would never claim to be able to ‘cure’ but rather work on the issues that are creating them and this in itself can be enough to release the illness.
You can use the energy to clear energy blocks and flows in the Earth, work on situations, space clearing and so on and so on. You can also (at M2 level) get to the karma behind real time physical issues, past life persecution issues can be cleared and issues and situations can be brought into a place of stillness and truth, and then transformed to bring harmony to where previously there was conflict. Each higher level brings more tools to work with.

The results speak for themselves and depending on which level being worked from (M1 to M8) things can be done more quickly and deeply the higher the level.

When you are mentally and emotionally in a good place it makes life more comfortable and easier to live.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences.

Here is a metaphor I often use when explaining how our existence is;

If you think of a car, it has an engine, gearbox, fuel tank, computer, wheels etc., etc. You could stand outside the car, reach in, put the key in the ignition and start the engine. The engine will run fine as long as it has fuel in the tank. If the engine gets too warm then the computer will send a signal to the radiator fan and switch it on until it cools down again. The car will keep running like this until it runs out of fuel, or unless the car is poorly serviced or has a fault and is not running so well. You could stay outside the car and no matter how long you stand there and look at it the car won’t go anywhere. It will just keep ticking over where it is.

It’s not until you get inside the car and start to drive it that it will go anywhere. To drive it needs intention and skill or knowledge of how to drive. We do it without consciously thinking how to do it, the same as when we ride a bicycle, we don’t think about it, we just get on and ride it.

Now if you think of your physical body as the car, and your spiritual self, who you really are, as the driver you can see that naturally we are in control of our body. However there are good drivers and bad drivers. Some drivers will often have collisions or scrapes, not get the engine serviced resulting in breakdowns or poor performance. Others will have an accident free and smooth running existence.

With M Healing we are working towards making you a better driver. To have a better life.

If you damage your car we can help with speeding up the repair of it, if the engine is not running smoothly we can service it, once we know what’s wrong, to help it to run more smoothly.

So if you get physical injuries we can speed up the recovery, sometimes more quickly than other times depending on the injury.

If you have emotional or social issues we can try to find what is creating this and then put it right by working with the energy to clear the crossed wires or energy/mental blocks that are getting in the way of things going smoothly.

You don’t need to be a scientist or to have studied physical anatomy to be able to do this work. We’re working with the intelligence, knowledge and consciousness of Merlin who is much more highly evolved than we are. We just need to be here, be connected and use a bit of intelligence to help him to facilitate healing.