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Merlin Healing® is delivered through courses, distant and in person group sessions, and one to one healing sessions. The aim is to progressively evolve your system through clearing blockages by bringing in powerful healing frequencies to effect healing of mind, body and spirit, and to promote awakening.

It is an ongoing journey as more and more light is brought into your energy field in manageable steps.
The Merlin Crystal is what enables you to access and channel this energy. It is brought in through stages, M1 through M6 to progressively adapt your system to be able to increase the potential of the energy you can bring through your system. Like climbing a ladder you have to go one step at a time. To try and start at the top is too big a step.

The courses can be seen as three things.

1. Receiving the Merlin Crystal in stages through the ‘M’ levels, (M1 through to M7) enables bringing more light into your energy field to enable you to access and channel the energy.

2. The PPF classes are for breaking down the inflicted programming and conditioning that keeps us in this false illusion of how we’re supposed to be to be human. PPF stands for Past, Present and Future.
These classes are an investment in yourself.

3. A deep healing process. During the transmissions the process will help to ripen and release some issues during the course.

PPF stands for Past, Present and Future
RYV stands for ‘Raising Your Vibration’.


“I feel a new expansion and inner freedom. Thank you again for offering this special energy in such a simple and easy way to understand and use”.

Courses are given either in person in Holland and the UK, or by Skype – If you’re a unsure about using Skype then here is some information on how it works for the courses, including a download link, click here for info.
I’m open to giving courses in person in other locations/countries if invited. Contact me if you’d like to arrange something.

By giving Skype courses this has enabled students from as far and wide as Holland, Singapore, Greece, Dubai, the USA and anywhere in between to take courses in their own homes. As this is a non physical energy it transcends space and time. Nothing is diminished with regard to receiving the courses in this way. Actually some students prefer to courses by Skype, from their own home, because of savings on travel, accommodation expenses and that they can be in a ‘virtual classroom’ in the comfort of their own home.

Both the M levels and PPF classes must be taken in their own order – as in M1, M2, M3 and PPF1, PPF2, PPF3 and so on. You can take the classes as you wish so long as they’re in order of sequence – for example you could take M1, M2, PPF1, M3, PPF2 or in any sequential combination you wish to. If you have any questions please contact me.
Raising Your Vibration (RYV) is a prerequisite to M6

M1 Pure Heart

M1 Pure Heart – 4 days course.

‘M1 Pure Heart’ is the entry level course and there are no prerequisites. It’s open to anyone who wishes to enhance their spiritual evolution and be able to channel the energy of Merlin to effect healing for self and others in different ways. You’ll also be able to work on situations and give healing at a distance to anyone or any place in the world.
Those joining one of my courses for the first time will be required to sign a responsibility agreement. A copy will be sent to you upon receiving your registration form.

M Healing is channeled from the Heart. This is a non contact form of healing.01-octaedron.png

At this level you can work with the energy to remove mental blocks, confusion, help with depression and anxiety, open, clean and empower the chakras, hormone balancing, and work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. You can use it to clear energy blocks and flows in the Earth, work on situations, space clearing and so on and so on. The possibilities are endless so anything is potentially possible.

Even by just taking the courses this will be significant progressive steps in your own spiritual evolution regardless of whether you work with the energy or not.

Students and recipients are frequently amazed at the results achieved at this level.


What to expect.

During the course you’ll receive an energetically formed crystal in the shape of an Octahedron. This is located in the Heart Chakra and is the focal point for channeling the energy. It is this that allows the energy of Merlin to come through your system to facilitate healing for self and others. The crystal is your connection to Merlin which allows his energy, intelligence and consciousness to work with you in an up close and personal way. When channeling this energy, from your perspective it is as if you, Merlin and the recipient of the session (even if working on yourself) merge and become one which then allows you to feel what is happening with whom you’re working on. The degree of how this is perceived can vary between students but with practice it becomes more obvious

During each of the four days we’ll have regular and ample breaks during. Forty five minutes in the morning and afternoon with an hour and a half for lunch. Each day is from 09.30 to 17.30.

During the four days you’ll receive:

Transmissions for bringing the ethereal M1 crystal into your system.

A Mantra transmission – the Mantra can be channeled with the energy to give a more effective healing.

Several ‘Merging with Merlin’ transmissions. These allow him to work with you more closely and also help to bring your consciousness to be able to ‘know’ how to work with him, bringing your connection closer. This varies between students depending on their awareness level but these transmissions are included in all classes.

Practice and learning how to work with Merlin to effect healing for self and others,

Practice working with the eight different energetic qualities of the crystal.

Learn how to get “Yes” and “No” answers from Merlin – a few students tell me they have full on conversations with him.

Time allowing we’ll do a ‘journey’ on the last day.

The four days can also be seen as a deep healing process.

Certificates and course notes will be given on the last day, or sent by post for Skype courses.

After the course you’ll be able to give healing to self, others, places, situations and clearing spaces of negative energy.

There’s an in depth description of what can be done here.

All students will be required to sign a Responsibility Agreement before starting this class.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

M2 Truth

M2 Truth – 4 days course.

Prerequisites: M1.02-dodecaedron.png

This is the second level. The M2 Truth the crystal is multifaceted in the form of a Dodecahedron and merges with the M1 crystal (Octahedron) so the two crystals now become one. Therefore the M2 crystal contains both the M1 and M2 tools.

In addition to deepening what can be done with M1, you can also get to the karma behind real time physical issues, past life persecution issues can be cleared and issues and situations can be brought into a place of stillness and truth, and then transformed to bring harmony to where there was once conflict.

Through doing the training you become empowered to work with the presence, intelligence and consciousness of the source of this energy, in a more direct and personal way.


What to expect

*Clear past life persecution issues.

*Break down lie structures and bring them into Truth bringing harmony where there once was conflict. A lie or untruth persists and has a heavier vibration whereas a Truth just ‘is’.

*M2 is more expansive. It can feel like a Divine embrace.

*It works on a deeper level and in a more effective way than M1.

*Having cleared more densities in your system through receiving the M2 transmissions you are able to bring into you system and channel more light/energy enabling you to effect deeper healing more quickly.

*The Mantra is deepened enabling you to more quickly and easily break through energetic barriers of resistance.

*Heightens your psychic awareness through receiving more ‘Merging with Merlin’ transmissions. The effects of this varies between students depending on their level of awareness or their perceived level of their own awareness.

During the four days, because of the ‘sometimes’ intense nature of the transmissions for some individuals, we’ll have regular and ample breaks during each day. Forty five minutes in the morning and afternoon with an hour and a half for lunch. Each day is from 09.30 to 17.30

As with M1, and all the other courses, the whole course, in addition to receiving the M2 tools can also be seen as receiving four days of intensive healing. This can be challenging for some as their ‘stuff’ is brought to the surface for release. The course room is a safe and supportive place to ‘let go’ of some of our heavier burdens if they’re ripe enough. Sometimes it is tough getting through our denser blockages but the energy has the quality of being supportive and safe.

Often, if not always, the experience is very profound and life changing. Students look ‘lighter’ at the end of the course through having cleared so much dense energy/baggage from their system.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

M3 Knowledge

M3 Knowledge – 5 days course

Prerequisites: M1, M2.

03-Icosaedro.pngThis is the third level and is a five days course. It is a similar format to M1 and M2 but there are four days of transmissions instead of three. There are twelve transmissions over the first three days where you receive the M3 crystal and the tools that allow access to work at a deeper level. The M3 Crystal merges with the M1/M2 crystal and can be channeled from the Heart and the 3rd eye to access space deep in the consciousness and back on the timeline. This is enabled by receiving four (of the twelve transmissions) vesica pisces transmisions – vesica pisces is the doorway between the physical and spiritual worlds. Thereby working at a place on the timeline where the cause of whatever you are working on is located, rather than working on a past event in present time.

On the fourth day there are four ‘Merging with Merlin’ transmissions which deepens further the connection to source. The last day is for learning and practicing working with the energy in different ways at this level.

Again this can be seen as a five days healing process in addition to receiving the tools to be able to work with M Healing at ‘M3 Knowledge’ level. M3 is very effective for breaking down the energetic boundaries that create a block in the flow of past events on the timeline that affect us in present time.

The cost for this class is £450. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

M4 Love

M4 Love – 4 days course.

Prerequisites; M1, M2, M3. 04-Tetraedro.png

During this course you’ll receive the M4 ‘Pearl’. This is located in front of the Spiritual Heart which is behind the Heart chakra near/in the spine.

At his level you’re able to individually channel the energies of The Gona (cosmic beings), Christ consciousness, an ancient Druid along with Dragon energy and a higher vibration of Merlin.

From this level you’re also channeling all the previous levels, M1, M2 and M3 from this higher frequency/vibration. The raising of your own vibration through this course is what facilitates this.

The energy is channeled from the Pearl in the Spiritual Heart and the Heart chakra. During the transmissions a pathway is opened between the Spiritual heart and the Heart Chakra thus giving a much clearer channel for the energy to flow, to be channeled.

The Pearl has a ‘filter’ within it to stop denser energies coming through. At this level the frequency of energy, as in Merlin, The Gona, the Druid, a Dragon energy and Christ consciousness is of a much higher vibration than previously.

Channeling at M4 level has the quality of pure Love coming through.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

M5 Be

M5 Be – 4 days course.

Prerequisites; M1, M2, M3, M4.

05-Cube.pngAs in previous classes this is made up of transmissions during the first three days and then the last day is spent learning and practicing how to work at this level.

This is the fifth level. The M5 Be crystal is the Cube which merges with the previous level crystal to become one, to become something more than before. The M5 Crystal contains all the tools from previous levels and each can be worked with at this deeper level.

This level is channeled in a different way than before, from the spiritual heart. You can project the Crystal into whoever or whatever it is you’re working on. It becomes like a ball of energy sending out impulses into their system wherever you’re working at. When channeling the energy it’s as if channeling it from inside the Crystal and it can give the sense of becoming the energy rather than channeling it. It has greater potential to transform specific organs, physical systems, injuries, emotional issues and the whole system.

As with previous levels this is a big step forward in your own evolution.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration – 4 days course.

Prerequisites; M1 Pure Heart. This can be taken at any time after M1 but it is a prerequisite for M6 Zero.

Like we all have our own unique fingerprint the same is true of our own energetic vibration or frequency.

Our vibration is influenced by past experiences and how we’ve reacted or responded to them, whether we’ve let go or are still influenced by them. This also includes past life experiences which still influence us today. Many events are stored in the memory of the unconscious part of the mind and therefore we have no recollection of much of the things that affect us.

If your vibration is high then it’s more quiet and if it’s low then it’s more noisy. Like a sound wave the louder the sound the more active the wave and the quieter the sound the less busy it is.

In simple terms if your vibration is high then life is easier than if your vibration is low.

This four day class is made up of four energy transmissions each day. The purpose is to clear denser energies from the system that create a lower vibration. The focus of the sessions will be for ‘cleansing the energy field’, ‘clearing spiritual viruses’ and ‘raising your vibration’.

Please be aware that this is not a ‘magic pill’ that will clear all of your troubles away with a glass of water. However during the sessions things will be ripened for release over the four days. You will be guided to look at past events and how they no longer affect you. You’ll be guided to look ‘inside’ and many of the students experience touching bliss deep within through the Heart Chakra. Each person will have their own experiences and it can happen at times through the four days it ‘may’ become a bit uncomfortable for some of those attending, as the energy of past events is pushed to the surface to release. On the last day there is a transmission where you’ll be guided to breath energy in through the Heart chakra. This is something that can continue to be done after the class

Usually by the last day any discomfort you may have had over the four days will have fallen away and you’ll feel fresher, brighter and your natural vibration will be higher. If necessary the classroom is a safe environment to release whatever comes up.

If in life your natural vibration is high it can still be brought down by exterior events but it will soon find it’s natural rhythm again. Visualise a sound wave with quiet music interrupted by a loud noise and then being quiet again.

Whatever our natural vibration is, is what we project out and then attract similar vibration back. That’s a law of the Universe.

There are no healing tools received, this is purely for your own personal evolution, inner freedom and quality of life.

This is a class where there is benefit to be had in repeating again at a later date.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

M6 Zero

M6 Zero – 5 days course.

Prerequisites; M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, RYV.


The M6 Zero level brings in the  sixth element of the crystal – the Sphere. It’s now made up of the basic elements including the platonic solids which are the component parts of sacred geometry. This is a totally different way of channeling than in previous levels.  Previously the energy was channeled from the Heart, Third Eye, M4 Pearl and Spiritual Heart which are all within the realms of the physical body, With M6 we go deep into the Heart, through the spiritual Heart and beyond the physical realm. The point from where the energy is channeled from is behind or beyond the Spiritual Heart and has the sense of the energy coming from behind and around you when working with it. By bypassing the physical system in this way the energy is coming from a place closer to source and therefore has a freer transit and as a result is more pure than when it comes through your own system.

This is also a big step forward from M5 and following the class students are able to do ‘fragmented soul retrieval’ and ‘Closing Ancient Karmic Doors’ sessions for self and others.

In addition there is a substantial increase in the amount of energy/light they can bring through which results in more effective healing in a shorter space of time.

It was shown to me during this class that we are connected to Source through the spiritual heart. Therefore M6 is being channeled from closer to Source than the previous levels.

The cost for this class is £450. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

M7 One

M7 One – 4 days course.

Prerequisites; M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, RYV, M6.

When I first gave the M6 class in 2017 I’d thought that was the final class to bring the Crystal to completion. However, early in 2018 Merlin hinted of an M7 class but didn’t give me too much information until later in the year. He then showed me there was another element to complete the crystal. The first M7 class was given in Nov/Dec 2018.

‘M7 One’ brings in the seventh element of the Crystal, the Star Tetrahedron, which now completes the structure of the crystal. It includes all the basic elements of sacred geometry.
Once again this is very different to the previous levels.
Channeling M7 comes from deep within your core, beyond the physical you, from deep in your spiritual centre.

Once again this level brings in even more light through your system to effect healing at a deeper level more quickly. 
At this level the energy can work like a vacuum to draw out heavier, negative energies from whomever you work on, or from past events that still affect you now and from stuck energies in the Earth/ on the planet. The time taken to achieve this can be very quick thereby allowing more things to be worked on during a session.
It can be used to stretch out a persons energy field and magnify what it is that needs to be worked on, thus making it easier to get to things that were previously more difficult to shift.
It can also be used to stretch out the energy field to connect with everything, like becoming One with nature and life.

This is a four day class and the cost for £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.



Past Present and Future 1 (PPF1) Heart.

PPF1 Heart – 4 days course.

Prerequisite; M1 Pure Heart.

This is a four days course. The first three days are made up of four transmissions each day and these are focused on past, present and future lives though not in the sense of re-experiencing or visualising but more of an energetic release. These are followed each day by an integration transmission. This shifts a lot of ‘stuff’ from past and present lives and clears the path to move forward into the future.

On the third day there is a clearing of an energy filter around the Heart that holds us in separation from our true being. By having this filter in place in this human experience we are actually kept in separation from our past and future. Releasing this energy gives space in the system for a massive inflow of light bringing a sense of freedom that wasn’t previously attainable.

This course is not about clearing ‘all’ of our karma, but is certainly a huge step forward and will accelerate personal evolution.

On the fourth day there are two ‘Merging with Merlin’ transmissions and a meditation/ journey followed by integration at the end of the day.

There are no healing ‘tools’ received that you can work on others with. However, it will enhance your healing work and life in the future. It’s purely a personal evolution that will be an ongoing process. As you evolve it affects those around you in a positive way.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

Feedback following this course:

“Forgot to tell you but after i did PPF1 I went to Spain for meditation
and when I focused on my heart there was so much bright golden light
radiating out and filling me up.. And I also saw the image of 3 or 5 (?)
skinny blue beings sitting closely next to each other on a bench. The
one in the middle was a little bigger with a bright light on his
forehead. It was as if they formed a kind of battery/energy field
together. Amazing”.

For the Life Evolution (PPF) courses I have a whole folder of experience notes which cannot be explained here. See the testimonials for how students feel following the classes. Though there are no healing tools received these are some of the most liberating experiences.

Past Present and Future 2 (PPF2) Mind.

 PPF2 Mind – 4 days course

Prerequisites; M1 Pure Heart, PPF1.

This is a four day course. In brevity where in PPF1 there is an energetic filter around the Heart that is broken down bringing a sense of freedom and flow that wasn’t previously attainable, in PPF2 an energetic filter around the mind is broken down.

PPF2 is the same format as PPF1, four transmissions for past, present and future plus integration each day for three days. On the third day of these transmissions there is an energetic filter around the ‘mind’ that will be broken down allowing freedom from human group conscious influences.

Each class brings something new. I’ve seen implants and attachments release during the transmissions. Also there is greater inner expansion.

Prerequisite for this course is M1, PPF1, M2

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

For the Life Evolution/PPF courses I have a whole folder of experience notes which cannot be explained here. See the testimonials for how students feel following the classes. Though there are no healing tools received these are some of the most liberating experiences students have. It will enhance your healing ability.

Past Present and Future 3 (PPF3) Body.

PPF3  Body – 4 days course.

Prerequisites; M1, PPF1, PPF2.

This is a four day course. As in PPF1 and PPF2 there are three days of transmissions for past, present, future and integration each day. The last day includes transmissions for bringing everything together to catch up your system to the changes.
In this class there is an energetic field, like an egg shell, around the body. This gets broken down on day three. Following it breaking there is an inner stillness that slowly stretches out without boundaries. Also during the class there is what feels like a re-alignment of all the energy systems in the body and an opening to higher self.
We also merge with Gaia during this class.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

For the Life Evolution classes I have a whole folder of experience notes which cannot be explained here. See the testimonials for how students feel following the classes. Though there are no healing tools received these are some of the most liberating experiences.

Past Present and Future 4 (PPF4) Life

PPF4 Life – 4 days course

Prerequisites: M1, PPF1, PPF2, PPF3.

This is a four day course. As in PPF1, PPF2 and PPF3 there are three days of transmissions for past, present, future and integration each day. There is a densely compacted energetic band around your own energy field which gets broken down on day three. The density of this band appears to be the total of all ones previous experiences compressed, like an energetic tar or treacle. Upon this breaking down it allows a great expansion reaching far out beyond your energy field. Almost as if becoming one with the Universe  rather than a separate individual.
The last day includes transmissions for bringing everything together to catch up your system to the changes.

Sometimes there are no words to adequately describe what happens but this class is the most liberating of the PPF classes to date. As with all large shifts there follows what feels like a re-alignment  of all the energy systems in the body and an opening to higher self. This can take some time to be fully realised depending on the individual.

The cost for this class is £360. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

For the Life Evolution classes I have a whole folder of experience notes which cannot be explained here. See the testimonials for how students feel following the classes. Though there are no healing tools received these are some of the most liberating experiences.

Being in Stillness

Being in Stillness – 2 days class.

This course is open to anyone. It may help you, but it’s not essential, if you’ve had some experience of working with energy previously. Those joining one of my classes for the first time will be required to sign a responsibility agreement. A copy will be sent to you upon receiving your registration form.

This is a two day class consisting of 8 transmissions, each of approximately one hour duration.

There are two sides to the Being in Stillness class. One part is the raising of consciousness
to a higher level through the transmissions received.
The other part is the mind. Being in this higher state of consciousness makes this much easier if you try. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, it’s
merely being conscious of your thoughts, where they come from and ‘are they yours?’ and ‘are they
The raising of our consciousness is something that just happens through the transmissions. The
mental part requires some ongoing conscious focus.

For some of these transmissions you will be invited to observe your thoughts and how you respond to them. To look at them from a different viewpoint from somewhere beyond the mind and engage with and become in control of rather than the victim to them. There will also be the invitation to look at what you are conscious and unconscious of at any given time. We tend to be conscious of just a small part of what’s going on thus making us ‘smaller’ than we actually have the potential to be.
Psychic awareness is heightened conscious awareness.

During the transmissions there will be some deep inner work going on, not always something that you’ll be consciously aware of what’s happening, but it will be happening none the less. Sometimes our mind (our ‘programming’) gets in the way of seeing what’s going on but the energy takes you beyond this even if unseen. There is a deepening of the connection between the Heart and the 3rd eye.

Throughout the class Merlin will be working on each person individually for them to receive the most benefit from these two days. Please be aware that at times you may have the sensations of becoming full of light, being spaced out and maybe have a feeling of ’emptiness’. There will also possibly be moments when you may feel discomfort, impatience and unrest but by going through this there is the benefit of releasing things that we avoid examining.

The goal is to help you to help yourself to be more conscious and in control of your thoughts thereby enhancing how you live and deal with life thereafter. My own experience is that of observing my thoughts in a way I’d not experienced before thereby allowing me to be in control and make decisions about life that I’d not have been consciously able to previously.
Change your mind and you change your life.

The Mind is a program.
‘You’ are the one running and allowing that program.
Only ‘You’ can change your mind.
You just need to be conscious of what’s going on and act on it. Everything is possible.

It’s likely to be a profound, rewarding and liberating experience with ongoing benefit. This is something that can help you for the rest of this life.

Bring a notepad and pen in case you wish to keep a written record of notes and your own experiences for future reference. Some notes and a certificate will be given at the end of the two days.

The cost for this class is £180. Use currency converter in the lower part of the page to see the approximate amount in your own currency.

Testimonial received three weeks after the first BiS class:
“For me it was total clearance of old thought patterns all through my body.
As if it was washed clean.
There was one, about trusting love, that was most difficult to let go because so many old emotions were stuck and glued to it.
When it went an enormous space was coming in my whole body and brain.
About thoughts, they are there you don’t need to listen or react on them.
After the course I was open and my thoughts were short and to the point.
I feel better in not listening, less emotionally involved”.

A Day of Healing

A Day of Healing

There will be four sessions during the day, each lasting approximately one hour. The focus of which will be for Raising your vibration, Opening your Heart, Connecting with Gaia and a general balancing of your entire system.

Bring yourself along for a day of clearing and letting go some energetic blockages that restrict your life’s natural flow. Bringing pure, high frequencies of energy into your system resulting in more inner space and freedom.
The energy will continue to work for a few days, perhaps up to a week afterwards.

You can also put your own intentions for each session to help relieve current issues that you’re aware of. Alternatively you can simply receive what there is for your own well-being. This can be joined in person or at a distance from the comfort of your own home.

For those attending in person payment is due at the start of the day or by online payment and registration in advance. Coffee/tea and biscuits are provided but you need to bring your own lunch.

For those joining at a distance instructions and session timings will be given by email beforehand. We won’t be connecting via Skype and there is no online communication during the day. However, afterwards emailed feedback and questions will be welcome. Payment of £60 to be made in advance please.

Start at 09.30 and finish around 17.30
There will be breaks between sessions including one and a half hours for lunch.
The cost to join is only €70/£65
Participants need to register in advance. Maximum number of participants in person is limited to 15 people.

For the next Day of Healing click here

Opening the Heart

Opening the Heart

As we go through life we get emotionally challenged resulting in our shutting down a little bit, closing the Heart. In a way it’s a defense mechanism to stop us being hurt but the more we shut down the smaller we can become, the more closed the Heart becomes.
‘Opening the Heart’ is a one day workshop. The day is made up of four energy transmissions of different focus for each. Each transmissions last for up to an hour or so and can sometimes, but not always, be a little intense as the energy works on releasing the things that stop the Heart from being more open.
As we go through the day things will start lightening up as the energy holding the memory of earlier experiences in place gets ripened, released and moves on.
This can be very liberating, bringing a sense of freedom within. The workshop can be seen as a deep healing process.
As with all healing sessions it can take a few days of releasing as the energy continues to work.

The focus for the four sessions are:

1/ Breaking free of the victim within.
2/ Opening the way forward.
3/ Acceptance of what is.
4/ Opening the Heart

This is a workshop that can be repeated at any time. We can each only clear and process so much at a time and at a pace we can deal with it.

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What is 'Awakening'?

What is awakening?

What is Awakening? It’s a word I’ve been reluctant to use because of the expectation it can create. If the perceived expectation is not met then disappointment can follow.
 If I ask 20 students what it is to them I’ll probably get 25 or more different answers, 25 or more different expectations.
When I asked Merlin I’m told that “Enlightenment is a mystical state of being that doesn’t exist”. “Awakening is the same thing but in stages”. I sat with this for a few days and then I revisited the answer. My attention was brought to the word ‘exist’. Definition of ‘exist’ is: ‘to be found, especially in a place or situation’.
So if there was the idea that Enlightenment and/or Awaking do exist that would imply that those states can be achieved through doing certain things and then it can be found and attained. That doesn’t sit well with me. So let’s change the sentence and consider that it, enlightenment or awakened states, are states of consciousness.
So what is consciousness? The dictionary may tell you that it’s ‘the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world: consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain’. I don’t agree with that. If you look further you’ll find that ancient philosophers could not agree on what consciousness is, and I believe that philosophers of today still can’t agree.
Let’s consider yourself as a spiritual being with a human body, having a human experience, and then look at the mind trying to figure it out. Who is doing the looking? Is it the mind? I think not because we’ve just been looking at the mind trying to figure it out. So consciousness must be something beyond the mind, beyond the brain. I don’t have all the answers but I dismiss nothing. 
So let’s look again at you as a spiritual being currently attached to this human body for a lifespan of perhaps several decades or more. Let’s consider that the spiritual part that is you is actually your consciousness, is the knowing and awareness that motivates the body. How do we get the human part of that spiritual being that you are into that state of awareness?
In 2016, during giving a course I experienced going deep into the Heart chakra, through the Spiritual heart and far beyond, and connecting with the divine spark that I am. Some students have also consciously experienced that in some of what I now call the ‘Awakening’ classes. That divine spark is pure joy and bliss.
It’s like being in the ‘universe within’ but it feels deeper than that, beyond the universe. I have an emptiness in my being but within that emptiness there is a fullness. How did I achieve that? I can’t give you a definitive answer. Perhaps it’s the result of doing a lot of energy work which has allowed my vibration to more easily match the higher frequencies, the purer uncontaminated vibrations. Perhaps it’s because of ongoing inner work that enabled me to step clear of some of the parts that weren’t me, the conditioning and programming that makes us something we’re naturally not.
To come back into the Heart, into living this life again, from that inner place we have to travel through layers and layers of human conditioning, programming, experiences, trauma and so on and so forth that we know so well as a human being. We still have to live life but living it from this place within is something much more harmonious then before. There will still be ups and downs but it’s much easier to step out of them than before.
Is this awakening? To be quite honest I really don’t care to put a label on it. It is what it is. I’ve never searched for nor sought the state of ‘enlightenment’, or to be ‘Awakened’, but have only sought to have a better quality of life through being free of past and present negative and/or heavier, denser energies which result in a lower vibration in the system.
 During giving a transmission I heard this from Merlin – “Seeking awakening keeps you in the dream you’re trying to wake up from”.

All of the Merlin Healing® classes are for the purpose of getting you into a better place in life, to progressively becoming more and more free of the things that trouble us. When you come to a better place then those around you are also affected in a positive way as they pick up on your less heavy energy field. Sometimes the journey can be tough as old memories, and the energy attached to them, both seen and unseen come to the surface and take you out of your comfort zone before they release. The course room, be it in person or in the Skype ‘virtual’ course room, is a safe environment to allow yourself to let go.

Will you be ‘awake’ at the end of it? Who, other than the ego, really cares.

What you project out is what you attract back. The higher your vibration the easier life becomes.

Keith Mapson©2017

All courses, be it a one day, two, three, four, or five days course, have a similar format. Start times are 09.30 and finish at 17.30 with a 90 minute lunch break from 13.00 and also a 45 minute break in the morning and again in the afternoon. The breaks are required to allow integration of each session.

A transmission involves the transference of energy through the teacher to the student to facilitate whatever the course focus is. This is not simply an energy connection where the energy is called in. It’s something much more. During the M levels your energy system is adapted to receive the energetically formed crystal which becomes the focal point for the intelligence, consciousness and energy of Merlin to come through your system.

My role is the give you the tools and the connection to the presence, intelligence and consciousness of Merlin to allow you to help yourself. The journey begins with the first steps. The transmissions also work to clear negative blockages in your energy field to effect healing.  Having taken courses it’s up to the individual to work with the tools given in order to go forward and attain more inner freedom – you don’t get a six pack from doing just a couple of sit ups. However, just taking the courses themselves can be seen as a deep healing process.

M1 Testimonials.

“I am delighted with the possibilities MI has given me. I have worked with it every day since last Monday after class, both for myself and for partner and have already achieved incredible results and insights. A quantum leap in my development, both personal and professional.”

“It sounds like all of us who’ve been on the M1 Pure Heart class, our lives have changed, for the good, dramatically.  Merlin is very powerful and it’s wonderful to be connected with his energy.  Makes me very happy. I’ve seen those people who have received M-energy really improve…funnily, (well not really), enough.”

M4 Testimonails

“M4 is turning point in the progress on the healing track. Not only because of your ability to channel Manne beings individually but in your way of thinking and understanding of what/ how things works plus your vital role in the healing process.The energy flows more subtly with less effort and more effectiveness.

The shift happened to me and the self confidence made me understand Keith words in previous courses which were difficult for me to understand. He was describing an elephant to a blind man. Once your eyes open you start to see things as it is. I Realised I had been on the awakening path for sometime (after the first course) but unable to define it (mostly because I was confused between many previous belief systems unable to find harmony between them) yet after the course I could see the link collecting everything together. In the midst of my pain I realised how strong I am.

No more suffering but an eternal wave less sea of quietness and serenity of the heart.

It is my time to spread love /mercy to all beings. It is time to help others get rid of their suffering by facilitating a deep transformational change in their lives. I finally know the purpose of my life (short or long).
This is my experience and maybe you will experience something else. Just trust and do not expect what you cannot control.

Skype M4 taken in October 2016

Now that it has been one week since we completed M4, it seemed time to provide a little bit of feedback on the course — which I enjoyed very much.

The course was both deep and transformative in stirring up and clearing energies and patterns that are no longer useful. More than that, or as a result of that, we’ve both noticed a totally different experience from ever before in terms of healing and meditation.

Now, there is an unmistakable presence of more of light, vastness, and timelessness/immovability much like when a jet aircraft gets above the clouds. The experience is more effortless, illuminating, and effective than ever before — and not just while running the energies. It is my feeling that this deep connection between the heart chakra and spiritual heart is there all the time, providing the same kind of background during every other phase of life as well.

Thanks so much for all you do!

Skype M4 taken in March 2016


M2 Testimonials

I didn’t expect M2 to be such an upgrade. Everything has been more than satisfactory since then

“Three cheers for “M2 Truth”.
1) for the unparalleled, powerful healing art of ‘M2-Truth”
2) for Skype. which made it possible for me to take M1 and M2 from across the Atlantic.
3) for Keith for being such a successful conduit for this energy, and such a positive, humorous and honest teacher.

No words can adequately convey the unique and unequaled experiences I enjoyed during this course.

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their energetic healing.”

M5 Testimonials

After doing the course the first thing I noticed how good I felt very grounded and energised. There has been lots of clearing out happening since and I’m in a great place because of it. I also notice a greater expansion in my heart I’m feeling stuff more deeply and have more compassion than ever arising…
I have been using M5 and it is brilliant I’m so tuned in with all the divine beings it’s almost as if they are permanently embracing me and when channeling its so loving almost takes my breath away and can see and feel people’s stuff as its being cleared… Very humbling
Results are so wonderful I am delighted to have taken the course.

Skype M5 taken in February 2016

Being in Stillness Testimonial

Received a few weeks after the first class:

“For me it was total clearance of old thought patterns all through my body.
As if it was washed clean.
There was one, about trusting love, that was most difficult to let go because so many old emotions were stuck and glued to it.
When it went an enormous space was coming in my whole body and brain.
About thoughts, they are there you don’t need to listen or react on them.
After the course I was open and my thoughts were short and to the point.
I feel better in not listening, less emotional involved”.

M3 Testimonials

At first, I wasn’t sure why Merlin coined the title of this 3rd course M3, “Knowledge”. After looking the word “knowledge” up in the dictionary, I realized that Merlin was exactly on target with this title –

(1) the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association; (2) acquaintance with or understanding of a technique; (3) the fact or condition of having information or of being learned knowledge>

Keith, you exemplify “a person of unusual knowledge” and experience. You explain every aspect of the course in detail, and repeat it to make sure that it is understood. As a result, this course has been the deepest and most profound experience I’ve had with energy healing.

Another great aspect of these Merlin Healing courses is taking them by SKYPE, the computer counterpart to traveling half way around the world and taking the courses in person. In considering the efficacy of distance learning, I was presented with this provocative question: “what is distance?” You elaborated that Merlin Healing® works exactly the same no matter where the people are located …be that in person with you, or sitting in my own home and connecting via Skype in your ‘virtual classroom’.

I’m very grateful for the time and effort you took to pass on Merlin’s knowledge of M3. Being a teacher myself, I also appreciate your unique and comfortable style of sharing this knowledge.

Thanks so much!
Skype M3 course to USA – August 2015

Life Evolution (PPF) Testimonials

 PPF stands for Past, Present and Future.

“For me it definitely created more flow and presence, and less drama internally no matter what the external events. And even though I am aware of a history it seems irrelevant.”

“It’s been just over 3 weeks now since I did the  PPF1 course. I can honestly say this course was beyond all my expectations. Everything in my life is flowing. Can’t quite put my finger on it but I feel positively different. Things that would normally bother me have dissipated. Fears have dissolved. I have an inner freedom like everything has come together in my world no longer motivated by fears or anxieties. I am experiencing a different quality of grounding which is ‘is-ness’ if such a word. It is what it says, a breaking down of separation within all your lives.

I am socially more accepting as others are to me. New experiences have opened up meeting lovely people. Chatting to people on the roadside with joyful expressions coming from my heart.
Feeling in tune with experiences. Acceptance of who I am. Laughter like I’ve never laughed before. Feeling still in everything yet feeling the flow of life like magic. Amazing Keith thank you for the life changing opportunity. It’s truly wonderful. If anyone has the opportunity to do this course I would highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.“


I was not happy with Merlin’s decision that i cannot take M3 without first having PPF1 . I considered it a waste of time and a delay to my evolution since there is no healing tools received, yet I had to do it to move to M3 . OK MERLIN I TRUST YOU BUT I AM NOT HAPPY!

During the course Keith was very nice , kind and patient , he is not an old school teacher , he is funny and helpful and considerate.

I noticed that the taste of energy is different from the ones in the previous M1 and M2 courses, and the weekly meditation sessions as well is beautiful , sweet and i quietening .

After the course i came back to work and i found that there is something different :

1 – I feel more quiet and open , more self confident.

2 – I am happy and enjoying life, I am making jokes and always smiling .

3 – If something or someone tries to annoy me I am in control of myself and the situation .

4 – I had pain in my legs since I was a child that made it difficult to run, walk long distances which made me always tired, this has disappeared, I feel more light, I do not mind walking or running . I do not get tired after work, my body is stronger

5 – I do not feel that I need to do self healing session, MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL

6 – Sure, there is no need for healing tools, the change that happens to me is indescribable, it is beyond what I could imagine. I enjoy life more. THANKS MERLIN FOR THIS GIFT AND THANKS KEITH FOR ACCEPTING THE JOB

 I am sure it will improve your quality of life.


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