M1 Pure Heart

‘M1 Pure Heart’ is the entry level course and there are no prerequisites. It’s open to anyone who wishes to enhance their spiritual evolution and be able to channel from the beings of Manne.

Manne Consciousness® is channeled from the Heart. This is a non contact form of healing working progressively with the component parts of sacred geometry. Each level introduces a new component until the M6 Zero level where the six platonic solids of sacred geometry have come together as one. In M1 we start with the Octahedron which becomes the focal point for channeling the energy.01-octaedron.png

By working with Manne Consciousness® you can at this level work with the energy to remove mental blocks, confusion, help with depression and anxiety, open, clean and empower the chakras, hormone balancing, and work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. You can use it to clear energy blocks and flows in the Earth, work on situations, space clearing and so on and so on. The possibilities are endless so anything is potentially possible.
There’s a more in depth description of what can be done here https://mhealing.org/index.php/can-manne-consciousness-used/

There is no magic pill so students need to put in the effort to work on themselves to attain the best results and to continue with their own evolution/growth.

Students and recipients are frequently amazed at the results achieved at this level.


What to expect.

During the course you’ll receive an energetically formed crystal in the shape of an Octahedron. This is located in the Heart Chakra and is the focal point for channeling. It is this that allows the energy beings/vibrational frequency that is Manne Consciousness to come through your system to facilitate healing. The crystal is your connection to the beings of Manne which allows their energies, intelligence and consciousness to work with you in an up close and personal way. When channeling this energy, from your perspective it is as if you, Manne and the recipient of the session (even if working on yourself) merge and become one which then allows you to feel what is happening with whom you’re working on. The degree of how this is perceived can vary between students but with practice it becomes more obvious

During the four days, because of the ‘sometimes’ intense nature of the transmissions for some individuals, we’ll have regular and ample breaks during each day. Forty five minutes in the morning and afternoon with an hour and a half for lunch. Each day is from 09.30 to 17.30.

During the four days you’ll receive:
Transmissions are for bringing the ethereal M1 crystal into your system.
A Mantra transmission
Several ‘Merging with Manne’ transmissions. These allow them to work with you more closely and also help to bring your consciousness to be able to ‘know’ how to work with them, bringing your connection closer. This varies between students depending on their awareness level but these transmissions are included in all classes.
Practice and learning how to work with Manne to effect healing for self and others,
Practice working with the eight different energetic qualities of the crystal.
Learn how to get “Yes” and “No” answers from Merlin – a few students tell me they have full on conversations with him.
Time allowing we’ll do a ‘journey’ on the last day.

The four days can also be seen as a deep healing process.

Certificates and course notes will be given on the last day.

After the course you’ll be able to give healing to self, others, places, situations and clearing spaces of negative energy.
There’s an in depth description of what can be done here https://mhealing.org/index.php/can-manne-consciousness-used/

All students will be required to sign a Responsibility Agreement before staring this course.

The cost for this course is £360. Use currency converter in the footer to see the approximate amount in €uros and U$ dollars.


Merlin Healing® is not associated with any other healing arts, nor is it based on religious or other belief systems or teachings.