Opening the Heart

Sunday 16th August 2020 – join at a distance from your own home.

As we go through life we get emotionally challenged resulting in our shutting down a little bit, closing the Heart. In a way it’s a defense mechanism to stop us being hurt but the more we shut down the smaller we can become, the more closed the Heart becomes.
‘Opening the Heart’ is a one day workshop. The day is made up of four energy transmissions of different focus for each. Each transmission lasts for up to an hour or so and can sometimes, but not always, be a little intense as the energy works on releasing the things that stop the Heart from being more open.
As we go through the day things will start lightening up as the energy holding the memory of earlier experiences in place gets ripened, released and moves on.
This can be very liberating, bringing a sense of freedom within. The workshop can be seen as a deep healing process.
As with all healing sessions it can take a few days of releasing as the energy continues to work.

The focus for the four sessions are:

1/ Breaking free of the victim within.
2/ Opening the way forward.
3/ Acceptance of what is.
4/ Opening the Heart

This is a workshop that can be repeated at any time. We can each only clear and process so much at a time and at a pace we can deal with it.

This is only being done by distance/remotely.
For those joining instructions and session timings will be given by email beforehand. We won’t be connecting via Skype and there is no online communication during the day. However afterwards emailed feedback will be given and feedback and questions will be welcome.

If you’re busy with other things during the day but would still like to join you can. You will still receive the transmissions as for each session I make a conscious connection to all participants individually.

The cost to join is £80
Participants need to pay and register in advance to be included on the day.


Feedback from a previous event:

Went to a day course of Merlin Healing (can recommend it to anyone!!!) to cleanse out the sh*t I had accumulated in my heart that started even creating physical pain in the heart area. Past events kept repeating in my mind and even though I let it out it never seemed to dissolve.
I think this really helped me, I felt each transmission working in it’s own way, I feel lighter and the big heavy black ball of life’s residues has gone. (still some after effects are taking place).


Just did the new Opening The Heart course in Amsterdam . Amazing stuff released and cleaned around the heart . Feels like empty place filled with light . And if i think of somebody nice its getting warm . Very special . Thanks Keith/Merlin

Count me in for 'Opening the Heart'.

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