My experience of coming to accept the idea of past lives.

I’m aware that many people can’t grasp the concept of having had a past life, that its just beyond their reality and therefore not something that they can get to grips with. I freely mention past lives without giving it a second thought. In conversation with a friend a couple of days ago (in October 2017) the topic came up, and he said I would never convince him of any possibility of having had previous lives. I wasn’t trying to convince him of anything but sometimes I forget that not everyone can see what I do, or have had the experiences I’ve had. And so I’m prompted to write this as a link to the mention of past lives on my website.

In 1990, I went to Los Angeles in the US and one of the first people I spoke to, a stranger, started telling me that in a past life he was this or that. At the time my immediate reaction was to think that he was a total idiot, deluded and perhaps a bit lost. So I can understand peoples reaction to the mention of past lives, having been like that myself.
However, over the following years I came across articles regarding the subject and though I still found it difficult to take on board even though on some level I ‘knew’ it was right. I was curious. Time went on and without going into detail I started to have some experiences that I felt were connected to past lives. I became more curious and open to the idea.
Since I discovered healing and started working with energy in 2000 I have had many experiences of working with past life trauma and issues and how it affects us in the current day. Now its common practice for me, when working with someone with healing, to look for past life issues that continue to impact on this current life. I even once met myself, an earlier ‘me’, from a previous incarnation of mine.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything but I just wanted to share my own experience of when it was also too much out of my reality and how things changed over time.
Experience of something can change one’s perception. Belief without experience is just that, a belief, and so I’m not asking you to believe anything but at the same time try not to be too quick to dismiss something that you haven’t experienced.

I’m always open to questions and discussion about things either by Skype, phone or email. All my contact details are on the website.
Thanks for taking the time to read.