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Soul Retrieval

These are sessions that I do myself. If you’d prefer to work with one of the certified practitioners then they must be at ‘M6 Zero’ level to achieve this as described below. I can not be responsible for any agreement you make with them.

I prefer to call this ‘Retrieval of fragmented self’ but people more easily recognise the term ‘soul retrieval’.
I discovered this after being told by a psychic friend that a part of myself was stuck in the past and that I needed to retrieve it to bring old gifts forward and to be more complete in the present time.
I didn’t get around to doing it for a while (it’s done now though) but I found that the next private session I did this is what happened during the session. I found myself traveling back through their past lives until I ‘saw’ them a bit lost, as if having missed the bus and just waiting. I brought them back to now , merged them into their physical body and did some healing to bring it all back together as one. They reported a few days afterwards that they felt so much better, more focused and back on track.
Since then I’ve done many of these sessions. It’s been different with each person worked with. Some are stuck in the past with great resistance to being ‘here’, others I’ve seen in stuck in situations of terror and fear from a past life event. Everyone’s past is different and so no two sessions are the same.

Time allowing there will be work done to release other blockages along the timeline.

I’ve previously done a ‘lot’ of healing for past life events but this is something different than healing the past. This is about retrieving a part of you that’s stuck in the past thus making you more complete as yourself in this present life and time.

For a few people it has resulted in a major positive change in their life and circumstances. Minimally it should bring significant positive change.

There is only one case where I wasn’t able to go back to retrieve them but this was caused by psychological barriers created by them in this life as a protection method from what was going on around them. A few one to one healing sessions brought significant improvement to their life and living.

The cost for this session is £70 for an hour of channeling.
The session in total will last for between 90 minutes and 2 hours including discussion before and after the healing.





Private one to one Sessions

This is a non contact healing art and all sessions are done at a distance. All you need is to have a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the duration.

For each session we  start with a phone or Skype call for discussion before the healing session. This is then followed with discussion on what happened during the session.

For new clients it is suggested that a few sessions may be most beneficial. However you can take them one at a time.
Sometimes there can be a major shift in the first session and other times more are needed. However even one session will put you into a better place than before.
You may prefer to have a Soul Retrieval session first. See separate description.
The cost per session with one hour of channeling is £70. For five sessions booked in advance the cost is £325.
For a session with half an hour of channeling the cost is £40. There is no discount for multiple half hour sessions.
A £70 session last for up up to two hours including discussion before and afterwards.
A £40 session last for around an hour or longer.

If you wish to experience how the energy works, without committing to a private session, then the group sessions may be an option for you – currently at £15 per single session. However these are not focused especially on your own specific needs but more on a general theme.
I also give FREE sessions occasionally.
To keep informed of upcoming group sessions you can subscribe for updates.

To book a session contact me through the Contact page or by phone. We’ll then discuss things further and to see if this is the right option for you before booking.

Feedback from Jan 2017
“Thank you so very much, that was very strong. I was aware of my hips and my chest and throat from the beginning. They were moving me? I was aware of a very strong connection with the back of the heart, and a funny guy with long white hair and beard was laughing a lot. I wondered if it was you or Merlin or a past incarnation or some guide, because i felt cared and looked out for. I don’t know if it was because i mentioned corridors, but i did find myself in one. There was one door open, and i tried to look behind it, but it was shut before i got there? I thought it might be so i wouldn’t dwell on what i saw? In any case, it felt very good, and like there was a shift of some sort”.

Distant Group Sessions.

To bring unique light frequencies into the system to effect positive change and healing.

For some single sessions there is a particular focus which will be announced when the session is scheduled.
Otherwise, or alternatively, you put your own intention for whatever you need help with. Or you can simply be open to receive the energy for whatever is most beneficial for you. These sessions cost £15

I also give FREE distant sessions occasionally where you put your own focus for the session. If you need ideas for a focus then scroll down this page.

I also give blocks of four sessions over a seven day period. These will have a specific focus. The cost for this is £45

For all upcoming sessions follow the link further down the page.


For a session ideally you’ll be in a quiet and relaxed space to enable you to feel and experience the session. You don’t need to ‘do’ anything, Everything that needs doing is done from this end.
If you get distracted or need to be doing other things at the time then you will still get the full benefit of the session though on a conscious level you will have your attention on other things.
The session itself is to kick start the healing process which can continue for up to a few days or more – in the case of a week of healing this obviously spreads through the period of a week (or more) having been perpetuated with additional session(s).
If you don’t feel so much immediately during or after the session it doesn’t mean nothing happened. Something ‘always’ happens. You may find that in a day or two you are feeling much better or that things that used to trouble you no longer do.

The sessions are different each time, magical experiences frequently occur. Those who join should be open to whatever happens without expectation. It’s an individual experience for whatever you need, or for whatever is most beneficial for you.
Some of those who join the sessions frequently report long term ongoing benefit.

For free sessions you need to connect with myself or the M symbol at the start. From this end I intend to channel to whomever is tuning in and has made a conscious connection.
For paid sessions at the start time I’ll connect with everyone individually and bring them together energetically as a group, as if being in the same room as myself. I then start channeling at ‘M6’ level. At this level the beings of Manne Consciousness® create the space to come through and bring in light frequencies to effect positive change and healing.
Sometimes the sessions are full on and others times more subtle as the energy works beyond the physical.

It can be an awesome experience. As already said don’t have preconceived expectations but rather be open to receive, enjoy and benefit from the experience.

Feedback from previous group sessions:

Hey Keith, this was a lovely session, felt a beautiful warm safe blissful Gaia connection, lots of warmth, found myself in a grey/brown space at one point, like clay in its feel, very thick, reaching a centre point and unlocking something that gave colour and lightness so i could clearly see a red heart and felt this unlocking and a warm flow of life surging through me and this experience. I was still left facing some of my challenging most addictive patterns and cycles, such as the need to find out what is happening next, the need to know, the feeling of chasing something more, but the new element of knowing I was safe and loved helped me see these with less attachment. Having an embodied experience of this Gaia connection was so beautiful, it’s always so special when we can shift from knowing something on a more cerebral level to feeling it deeply as truth within ourselves and this was a particularly special one for me… a fundamental feeling of knowing we are loved. It was one of my favourite sessions so far, it was such a nurturing energy to work with.
SO glad I was in time. Just to say, I’ve just come down, in so many ways, from the session. Was wonderful. I’m buzzing and very tired in a soporific kind of way, which is nice.
So much light and healing during session, in the heart, feet and my painful shoulders which was appreciated. Also really noticed the connection to Gaia with lots of images and felt like ‘being’ and standing on ancient sites around earth, Glastonbury included, bathed in light.
My experience was very deep and moments of absolute bliss, then back to body again and lots more. For the first time I lay down half way through. In the past I’ve sat cross legged for the duration. It was so nice and felt like I was floating and being cared for.

There was such beautiful visions of how beautiful Gaia is too, and the love to and fro was immense.
Thanks Keith, it was the perfect subject for me. What a lovely, liberating session.
I felt emptiness and stillness from the start of the session and very much in the heart half way through my heart wanted to go for a walk in nature… So it did and connected very deeply with my whole being and nature – and Caerwen no doubt ? all very beautiful… Thank you.
It felt like more and more inner space was opening up, and being gently immersed in this soft white energy, and then more of the heart freeing up towards the end of the session.
More Testimonials


If you wish to put your own intention for the sessions read below for ideas.

Enhancing your emotional state.
Raising your vibration.
Letting go the past/future.
Releasing fear of the unknown.
Being in the now.
Opening the chakras – or a particular chakra.
 – Opening the Heart.
 – Opening the third eye.
 – Opening the Solar plexus.
 – Clearing the Root chakra.
Balancing and harmonising the hormones.
Balancing and harmonising the whole physical system.
Connecting to Gaia
Work on a particular issue or life situation.

Be imaginative and adventurous with your intentions. Don’t limit yourself by underestimating the potential of these sessions.

Contact me.

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