A Day of Merlin Healing®

11th October 2020.

A Day of Merlin Healing® with Keith Mapson (Founder of Merlin Healing) on Sunday the 11th October 2020

This can be joined only at a distance, from the comfort of your own home.

The day will consist of four sessions with breaks in between including one and a half hours for lunch from 1pm.

There will be four sessions during the day, each lasting approximately one hour. The focus of which will be for Letting go the Pastgeneral balancing of your entire system, Raising your vibrationConnecting with Gaia.

Why not treat yourself and join us for a day of clearing and letting go some energetic blockages that restrict your life’s natural flow.
Bringing pure, high frequencies of energy into your system resulting in more inner space and freedom.
The energy will continue to work for a few days, perhaps up to a week afterwards, and frequently brings long term ongoing benefits.

You can also put your own intentions for each session to help relieve current issues that you’re aware of. Alternatively, you can simply receive what there is for your own wellbeing. This can now only be joined at a distance from the comfort of your own home.

For those joining at a distance instructions and session timings will be given by email beforehand. We won’t be connecting via Skype and there is no online communication during the day. Though afterwards emailed feedback and questions will be welcome.

This is a distance healing day.

Start and finish times will be advised by email.
The cost to join is only £70
Participants need to register their interest and make payment in in advance please. Use the form below.

Count me in for A Day of Healing ..

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