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Merlin Healing® is a healing art to effect positive transformation, healing, raising consciousness and potentially leading to awakening of mind, body and soul. It is delivered through courses and individual private and/or group sessions.

Merlin Healing® is also known as M Healing.

I’ve always ‘known’ there was more to life than what we see. During my lifetime, even from a young age not being satisfied with ‘this is how it is’, I tended to look at life from outside of the box, and then following a back injury in 2000 I discovered healing by chance. Since then my own spiritual evolution accelerated through the ongoing journey of self enquiry, observation and discovery. In 2009 I was unexpectedly gifted with the first elements of this wonderful healing art and started teaching courses in 2011.

Each course taught since then has been a step forward along with increased knowledge and understanding. My knowledge and experience comes through receiving information and guidance during times of being connected and while in meditative type states, particularly during times of teaching. Each course I teach brings me new experience and information.

At an early age I became aware that there was something more to life. I remember as a small child looking up into the sky and wondering what it was all about. Later in my teens I had conversations with friends about energy, life and so on. Questioning what made my arm move when it did. It’s not by pulleys and ropes that we lift our arm, but by intention. And I also saw that the brain is a mechanism and not a consciousness. Anyway, this is how my thoughts sometimes wandered as I moved through life.

Scroll forward to 2000 when I stumbled across healing by chance (or maybe by design as I was being guided by higher beings even then). Following a back injury, ironically given to me by a chiropractor, I was unable to work and sought treatments from an acupuncturist. Long story short she was a very spiritual lady and introduced me to a natural psychic clairvoyant Reiki master. From her I learned Reiki and she became a kind of spiritual mentor and guide for a while. Through her I met a psychic artist and a few other interesting people that have guided me to see things that at the time I couldn’t.

I was told several things during psychic readings that I found difficult at the time to take on board. I was told in 2001 that in ten years time I’d be the holder of an energy and would be a teacher. I was also told that in a past life I was working with the being that is Merlin (not the one of legend but the Divine being that is Merlin).  Read More

The teachings can only be delivered by myself. Individual sessions and group sessions can only be delivered by myself and certified students.


Keith is the founder of Merlin Healing®.

Merlin Healing® is not an alternative to professional medical help. If you would normally seek medical help for physical, mental or emotional issues then you should continue to do so.
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