New to Skype?

Skype is very easy to work with.

Firstly you need to download it to your computer/laptop/phone.

Once downloaded you can make calls free to anyone, anywhere in the world, who has Skype installed.

You can also make international calls to landlines and mobiles very inexpensively. You may have to put a small amount of credit (£5 I think it is) to enable this but the credit stays on your account as long as you use Skype at least once each six month period.

For courses and sessions you are able to see, speak to and hear myself and all of those that are taking the class. You can speak to me privately during the breaks if you wish to. If your internet signal is not so strong then you can do it just as audio without video.

It’s been described by one student as a ‘virtual classroom’. Often once a student has taken a Skype class they prefer to do it this way in the future.

I email students all the information they need before we start a class.

Pros – you do it from your own home (in your pajamas if you want to) no traveling expenses or hotels to pay for, no costly eating out. It enables students from across the world to attend classes.

Cons – there are none other than that the signal can be imperfect if you have a low internet connection speed – Ideally minimum of 4MB download but lower is still usually fine but in extreme circumstances we can use only audio without the video – this uses much less data and so a lower download speed is normally fine – try a test call with me if you’re unsure – use the contact link below.

It is advisable to use a laptop or computer. You can use a mobile phone but if you’re using your own network monthly data quota then it may cost you for extra data as we stay connected for much of the day. Being connected to a wifi network should overcome that.

The energy of M Healing is non physical and transcends time and space. Therefore it matters not where in the world you are. The effects/results of receiving or working with the energy are not diminished in any way by distance.

Students from the USA, Singapore, Dubai, Poland, Holland, Greece and the UK have attended Skype classes.

If there are a group of you in the same area then you can all do it from the same house or venue if you wish to. You would just need to have a laptop and internet connection for me to call you.

If you’re still unsure and would like to do a test call with me then I’m happy to do that. You’ll then be able to see that I’m not scary and that I am a human  🙂

One student who is new to Skype recently thanked me for opening new avenues for her after we had a test call.

We are in the 21st century and technology is being used more and more. This enables me to give courses this way which without this facility many students would not have been able to join.

Contact me through the contact form, or email me if you want to ask anything about it.