What is awakening?

What is Awakening? It’s a word I’ve been reluctant to use because of the expectation it can create. If the perceived expectation is not met then disappointment can follow. 
If I ask 20 students what it is to them I’ll probably get 25 or more different answers, 25 or more different expectations.
When I asked Merlin I’m told that “Enlightenment is a mystical state of being that doesn’t exist”. “Awakening is the same thing but in stages”. I sat with this for a few days and then I revisited the answer. My attention was brought to the word ‘exist’. Definition of ‘exist’ is: ‘to be found, especially in a place or situation’.
So if there was the idea that Enlightenment and/or Awaking do exist that would imply that those states can be achieved through doing certain things and then it can be found and attained. That doesn’t sit well with me. So let’s change the sentence and consider that it, enlightenment or awakened states, are states of consciousness.
So what is consciousness? The dictionary may tell you that it’s ‘the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world: consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain’. I don’t agree with that. If you look further you’ll find that ancient philosophers could not agree on what consciousness is, and I believe that philosophers of today still can’t agree.
Let’s consider yourself as a spiritual being with a human body, having a human experience, and then look at the mind trying to figure it out. Who is doing the looking? Is it the mind? I think not because we’ve just been looking at the mind trying to figure it out. So consciousness must be something beyond the mind, beyond the brain. I don’t have all the answers but I dismiss nothing.
 So let’s look again at you as a spiritual being currently attached to this human body for a lifespan of perhaps several decades or more. Let’s consider that the spiritual part that is you is actually your consciousness, is the knowing and awareness that motivates the body. How do we get the human part of that spiritual being that you are, into that state of awareness?
In 2016, during giving a course I experienced going deep into the Heart chakra, through the Spiritual heart and far beyond, and connecting with the divine spark that I am. Some students have also consciously experienced that in some of what I now call the ‘Awakening’ classes. That divine spark is pure joy and bliss.
It’s like being in the ‘universe within’ but it feels deeper than that, beyond the universe. I have an emptiness in my being but within that emptiness there is a fullness. How did I achieve that? I can’t give you a definitive answer. Perhaps it’s the result of doing a lot of energy work which has allowed my vibration to more easily match the higher frequencies, the purer uncontaminated vibrations. Perhaps it’s because of ongoing inner work that enabled me to step clear of some of the parts that weren’t me, the conditioning and programming that makes us something we’re naturally not.
To come back into the Heart, into living this life again, from that inner place we have to travel through layers and layers of human conditioning, programming, experiences, trauma and so on and so forth that we know so well as a human being. We still have to live life but living it from this place within is something much more harmonious then before. There will still be ups and downs but it’s much easier to step out of them than before.
Is this awakening? To be quite honest I really don’t care to put a label on it. It is what it is. I’ve never searched for nor sought the state of ‘enlightenment’, or to be ‘Awakened’, but have only sought to have a better quality of life through being free of past and present negative and/or heavier, denser energies which result in a lower vibration in the system.
 During giving a transmission I heard this from Merlin – “Seeking awakening keeps you in the dream you’re trying to wake up from”.

All of the Merlin Healing® classes are for the purpose of getting you into a better place in life, to progressively becoming more and more free of the things trouble us. When you come to a better place then those around you are also affected in a positive way as they pick up on your less heavy energy field. Sometimes the journey can be tough as old memories, and the energy attached to them, both seen and unseen come to the surface and take you out of your comfort zone before they release. The courseroom, be it in person or in the Skype ‘virtual’ course-room, is a safe environment to allow yourself to let go.

Will you be ‘awake’ at the end of it? Who, other than the ego, really cares.

What you project out is what you attract back. The higher your vibration the easier life becomes.

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