Being in Stillness.

Friday and Saturday 14th and 15th August 2020
There are no prerequisites for this class.

This is a two day class consisting of 8 transmissions, each of approximately one hour duration.

There are two sides to the Being in Stillness class. One part is the raising of consciousness
to a higher level through the transmissions received.
The other part is the mind. Being in this higher state of consciousness makes this much easier if you try. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, it’s merely being conscious of your thoughts, where they come from and ‘are they yours’ and ‘are they true’.
The raising of our consciousness is something that just happens through the transmissions. The
mental part requires some ongoing conscious focus.

For some of these transmissions you will be invited to observe your thoughts and how you respond to them. To look at them from a different viewpoint from somewhere beyond the mind and engage with and become in control of rather than the victim to them. There will also be the invitation to look at what you are conscious and unconscious of at any given time. We tend to be conscious of just a small part of what’s going on thus making us ‘smaller’ than we actually have the potential to be.
Psychic awareness is heightened conscious awareness.

During the transmissions there will be some deep inner work going on, not always something that you’ll be consciously aware of what’s happening, but it will be happening none the less. Sometimes our mind (our ‘programming’) gets in the way of seeing what’s going on but the energy takes you beyond this even if unseen. There is a deepening of the connection between the Heart and the 3rd eye.

Throughout the class Merlin and other beings will be working on each person individually for them to receive the most benefit from these two days. Please be aware that at times you may have the sensations of becoming full of light, being spaced out and maybe have a feeling of ’emptiness’. There will also possibly be moments when you may feel discomfort, impatience and unrest but by going through this there is the benefit of releasing things that we avoid examining.

The goal is to help you to help yourself to be more in control of your thoughts thereby enhancing how you live and deal with life thereafter. My own experience is that of observing my thoughts in a way I’d not experienced before thereby allowing me to be in control and make decisions about life that I’d not have been consciously able to previously.
Change your mind and you change your life.

The Mind is a program.
‘You’ are the one running and allowing that program.
Only ‘You’ can change your mind.
You just need to be conscious of what’s going on and act on it. Everything is possible.

It’s likely to be a profound, rewarding and liberating experience with ongoing benefit. This is something that can help you for the rest of this life.

Keep a notepad and pen nearby in case you wish to keep a written record of notes and your own experiences for future reference. Some notes and a certificate will be given at the end of the two days.

This class is open to anyone. It may help you if you’ve had some experience of working with energy previously. Those joining one of my classes for the first time will be required to sign a responsibility agreement. A copy will be sent to you upon receiving your registration form.

The cost for this class is £190. Use currency converter in the footer to see the approximate amount in in your own currency.

Testimonial received three weeks after the first BiS class:
“For me it was total clearance of old thought patterns all through my body.
As if it was washed clean.
There was one, about trusting love, that was most difficult to let go because so many old emotions were stuck and glued to it.
When it went an enormous space was coming in my whole body and brain.
About thoughts, they are there you don’t need to listen or react on them.
After the course I was open and my thoughts were short and to the point.
I feel better in not listening, less emotionally involved”.

Count me in for A Day of Healing ..

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