These sessions are free but voluntary donations are most welcome. If you want to give some exchange by way of a donation there is a link below.

Next session is on Sunday 11th October 2020 starting at 7pm UK time and will last for one hour.

Feel free to invite as many people as you wish but explain to them, or get them to read the notes on how to connect for the session.

The intention for this session is for whatever is most beneficial for you at the time – or if you have your own specific intention you can use that.
At the start of the session you just need to make a connection with either my photo or the M symbol on the website Home page. Simply focus on either for a few moments at the start and be willing to receive the healing and then let go and relax. Or you may find it easier if you simply have the intention to be included in the session.
When making the connection have in mind what your intention (if different from above) for the session is, what you want help with. Once you’ve done that just let go and receive the energy – you don’t need to overthink how to connect, just do it – it only needs to take a few moments.
If you don’t have your own intention for the session then the focus will be for whatever the general focus of this session is. However, you may benefit more if you have in mind at the start of the session to get help with any issues you may have in life at this moment.
Be imaginative and adventurous with your intentions. Don’t limit yourself by underestimating the potential of these healing sessions.
It’s ‘very’ simple to join so there’s no need to make it complicated.
Ideally you’ll be in a comfortable, quiet place without disturbance.
If you’re busy with other things at the time of the session you’ll still receive the healing (simply make the conscious connection at the start). At a conscious level you may not ‘see’ or ‘feel’ so much if your attention is on other things. You will still benefit from the session though even if the benefit may not be realised for a day or two when you may then find that something has changed for the better.
The sessions are different each time, magical experiences frequently occur. Those who join should be open to whatever happens without expectation. It’s an individual experience for whatever you need in the session.
You may ‘see’ colours or images, feel the energy running through your system, get ideas, clarity or inspiration. You may also get restless, uncomfortable and impatient but these will soon pass. Stay with it to the end of the session as this is when the magic can happen.
Sometimes it can feel like there is nothing happening but there always is even if on a subliminal level.
Be aware that the effects of the session will continue to roll out for up to a few days while a release/re-alignment is happening.
The healing comes in from Merlin. Often he is joined by angelic and other benevolent beings who bring in the healing energy/light specifically for those in the group and the focus for the session.
Sometimes it’s full on and others times more subtle as the energy works beyond the physical.
The energy continues to roll on for up to a few days after the session.
It can be an awesome and refreshing experience.
Feel free to tell others, or share the Facebook event on your timeline.
This is open to anyone and everyone.

Feedback after the session is always welcome and gladly received.
If you feel you want to give something in exchange you can make a small donation here or from the home page below the session info.

There’s a countdown timer on the website towards the bottom of the Home page.

As you’re all aware we are still in unprecedented times though things seem to be easing up at the moment. However for many people it is still very uncomfortable and troubling. It is so easy to get caught up in all the information and misinformation that is being fed to us day in and day out. Maybe one of the best things to do for your wellbeing is avoid the media news as much as possible other than to keep updated as you need to.

Fear is only created in the mind, from external stimuli, and then has a reaction on the physical body and your own wellbeing. Being in fear lowers your own frequency, your vibration.
I hope these sessions help you.