How did M Healing come into being?

This has been progressively and consciously coming together and evolving through Keith since 2009.

A bit of my history is that I’ve worked with Merlin both in previous lives and again this life after rediscovering him in 2001. Then through another healing art, for eight years I was reconnecting with and familiarised myself once again with his energies. In 2009 I was unexpectedly gifted with the first of the tools to be able to bring in new frequencies of his energy (M Healing). In 2011 I taught the first M1 Pure Heart course and it’s been evolving since then. In 2019 we are now at M7 One – With M8 Infinity to arrive in 2020.

The seven component parts of the Merlin Crystal are now all in place and this particular phase of this art is now complete. It will continue to evolve as time goes on.

During the past few years, while teaching, Merlin has introduced me to a race of beings (the Gona) and also an ancient druid (Caerwen). These and also the Christ energy can be channeled by students from the level of M4 Love.

The next step was that at some time in 2015 I decided to clear my system of all the healing tools I’d accumulated into my field since 2000, other than the ones I now use obviously. It was something that had kept coming to my attention for a while, to clean my system of what was not needed. The other tools were all laying dormant and I had the feeling that in some way they were clogging up my energy field or system and holding me back in some way.  But they were no longer needed or used and so I let them go. Being the holder and teacher of M Healing I wanted my system to be ‘clean’ to allow what Merlin wants to bring through me to be able to come through in it’s purity. Following this step my system opened up to be able to evolve even more.

Bear in mind this is a ‘new’ healing art from Merlin and is not to be confused with other healing arts he has created previously or perhaps any he will create in the future.

For myself it’s a constant journey of discovery as I’m shown how it is evolving over the years.