How can you benefit?

If you think of everything in terms of energy flows then when the flows are blocked or restricted then life becomes more difficult. Manne Consciousness helps to clear those blockages thereby allowing everything to flow more freely. The blocks can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Many of the blocks are from past experiences which are unseen and are in the unconscious part of the mind. When we try and figure it out ourselves we only have access to the conscious part of the mind. It’s like trying to make a jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces. We can assume we know what the picture is but only when we get all the pieces do we really know. It’s very easy to work on the wrong thing and therefore not get the results you desire. Keith is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher who will do his best to help you go forward. Everyone is totally unique and individual so for some it will be a more interesting journey than for others.
There is no magic pill and it does sometimes take effort and intention to improve your life. It can be done though and the journey is taken one step at a time.

To give an idea of what happens visualise a glass of dirty water. This represents the state of how we are with all of our past ‘stuff’, as in issues and negative reactions to life which are triggered by the environment and people around us. Now visualise clean water being poured into the glass. The clean water represents the energy received during the transmissions (and when channeling/receiving the energy). By pouring clean water into the glass the dirty water will gradually be displaced and become cleaner. This results in a shifting of our individual issues and gradually brings a transformation of our being into a more positive way of living life.

The more water that’s poured into the glass the cleaner/clearer the water inside becomes, the less ‘stuff’ we have hindering our flow of life.
The more energy that comes through your system/energy field the cleaner, less dense, it becomes.