Next Paid is on Friday 28th February 2020.

Focus for this session is ‘Letting go of past trauma’ – The cost to join is £10 (payment options below).

The intention for this session is to give you some relief from past trauma that is still affecting you now.

At the start of the session I’ll connect with each participant individually. All you need to do is be in a preferably quiet and comfortable place for the duration of the session. If you are busy with other things at the time you will still receive the healing. If you wish to you can focus on my photo or the symbol for a few moments at the start and be willing to receive the healing and then let go and relax.

If you prefer to have your own intention for the session simply have it in mind (your intention) at the start and then just let go and receive the energy – you don’t need to overthink it, just have your intention in mind – it only needs to take a few moments.
If you don’t have your own intention for the session then the focus will be for whatever the focus of this particular session is (see above).
If putting you own intention be imaginative and adventurous with it. Don’t limit yourself by underestimating the potential of these sessions.
Ideally you’ll be in a comfortable, quiet place without disturbance.
If you’re busy with other things at the time of the session you’ll still receive the healing. At a conscious level you may not ‘see’ or ‘feel’ so much if your attention is on other things. You will still benefit from the session though even if the benefit may not be realised for a day or two when you may then find that something has changed for the better.
The sessions are different each time, magical experiences frequently occur. Those who join should be open to whatever happens without expectation. It’s an individual experience for whatever you need in the session.
You may ‘see’ colours or images, feel the energy running through your system, get ideas, clarity or inspiration. You may also get a sense of release though you may also get restless, uncomfortable and impatient as the energy pushes through energy blocks but these will soon pass. Stay with it to the end of the session as this is when the magic can happen. Be aware that the effects of the session will continue to roll out for up to a few days while a release/re-alignment is happening.
The healing comes in from Merlin. Often he is joined by angelic and other benevolent beings who bring in the healing energy/light specifically for those in the group and the focus for the session.
Sometimes it’s full on and others times more subtle as the energy works beyond the physical.
The effectiveness of the session should not be measured by how intense or strong it feels. Merlin often works on a subliminal, beyond consciousness level. The energy will continue to work for up to a few days or longer and so the effects of the session may not be felt immediately. Sometimes it’s not until you get out and continue with life that you’ll find that things have changed in some way. I often hear from people that the effects are ongoing and lasting, and have a positive impact on their life.
It can be an awesome and refreshing experience.
Feel free to tell others, or share the Facebook event on your timeline.
This is open to anyone and everyone.

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