Hey Keith, this was a lovely session, felt a beautiful warm safe blissful Gaia connection, lots of warmth, found myself in a grey/brown space at one point, like clay in its feel, very thick, reaching a centre point and unlocking something that gave colour and lightness so i could clearly see a red heart and felt this unlocking and a warm flow of life surging through me and this experience. I was still left facing some of my challenging most addictive patterns and cycles, such as the need to find out what is happening next, the need to know, the feeling of chasing something more, but the new element of knowing I was safe and loved helped me see these with less attachment. Having an embodied experience of this Gaia connection was so beautiful, it’s always so special when we can shift from knowing something on a more cerebral level to feeling it deeply as truth within ourselves and this was a particularly special one for me… a fundamental feeling of knowing we are loved. It was one of may favourite sessions so far, it was such a nurturing energy to work with.